Season 01 Episode PDFs



Romantic Relationship
High I & High S Behavior Styles
Belief & Position Guiding Values


Friends Relationship
High I & High C Behavior Styles
Knowledge & Harmony Guiding Values

Reckoning S01 E03

Colleague Relationship
High D & High S Behavior Styles
Usefulness & Harmony Guiding Values

Because of an oops between Relationship Reckoning and Boss Ladies TV,
the Quincy Episode is on the network as S01 E05.

An example of how opportunities seldom appear in perfect packages,
because perfect packages are the stuff of fairy tales.

Reckoning S01_E04

Parent / Teenager Relationship
High D & High C Behavior Styles
Helping & Position Guiding Values

The next episode mentioned at the end of the Quincy episode is now
S02 E01.


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