Season 01 Episode PDFs



Romantic Relationship
High I & High S Behavior Styles
Belief & Position Guiding Values


Friends Relationship
High I & High C Behavior Styles
Knowledge & Harmony Guiding Values

Reckoning S01 E03

Colleague Relationship
High D & High S Behavior Styles
Usefulness & Harmony Guiding Values


Because of an oops between Relationship Reckoning and Boss Ladies TV,
the Quincy Episode is on the network as S01 E05.

S01 E04 is the 3 Groups of People video lesson from my course:
Career Advancement Up / Career Backlash Down
(Loyalty Up / Stereotyeps Down)

An example of how opportunities seldom appear in perfect packages,
because perfect packages are the stuff of fairy tales.



Parent / Teenager Relationship
High D & High C Behavior Styles
Helping & Position Guiding Values

The next episode mentioned at the end of the Quincy episode is now
S02 E01.


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