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Marketing Success

How would you like a marketing campaign that drives customers and clients to you?

Read the section in this article* about Wisconsin’s campaign to attract people to foster parenting. Foster care agencies thought a new marketing campaign would be a “waste of money.” But, “Within a year, they all said this was the most effective help we’ve ever had. It was driving families to them.”

The foster parent campaign worked because it marketed satisfaction for guiding value passions. According to the article, a survey found that the best foster parents sought fulfillment (Harmony value) or had spiritual desires (Belief value). People with a Harmony guiding value see foster parenting as satisfying their passion for fulfillment. People with a Belief guiding value see foster parenting as satisfying their spiritual desires.

Use the information in the Needs & Passions Us PDF download below to identify which value passions your customers or clients have. Or, figure out how to market your product or service to all six value passions.

* If this link does not work, see the Research Page for where the article was published:

“Wisconsin recruits foster parents using honesty: It’s tough but rewarding”



Customer Service Success

See this Staples slideshare for the “Top 10 Customer Pet Peeves and How You Can Avoid Them.” Staples included one of Paula Kramer’s research projects as an example of how to avoid customer peeves.

When new customers or clients make contact with you, use the DISC behavior style cheat sheet to satisfy their behavior style needs.

DISC _Cheat_Sheet

Market value passion satisfaction to drive customers and clients to you. Then satisfy their behavior style needs to keep them coming back. By satisfying their needs and passions, you will be creating success for your customers and clients. People would rather give their money to people who create success for them rather than to people who create failure for them.


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