Success & Failure Blog Posts

Paula Kramer writes blog posts about DISC behavior style needs, Spranger guiding value passions, and other topics here.

Blog posts about DISC behavior styles and Spranger values include:

“Behavior Clues For Romance: Whom To Run From, Whom To Run To”

“Value Clues For Romance: Whom To Run From, Whom To Run To”

“Married to Share Life or Married to Satisfy Needs?”

“If John Lennon Wanted Peace, Why Did He Create Conflict?”

“After Decades of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), I Know How to Feel Safe”

Paula also writes blog posts about examples of the 7 successes and 7 failures plus soured success at her other here.

Blog posts about success and failure include:

Even An Industrial Powerhouse Can Sour When It Stops Doing The Nuts & Bolts Work

Introductions Boomerang Back As Beneficial Invitations

Fanatical Failure From Denying Historical Facts

Spectacular Success On A Hot Summer Day

Straightforward Success From Slices Of Pizza

Eric Cantor’s Blunder Backfired Him Into An Historic Defeat

Full-Blown Failure Can Get Yucky

The Foolish Failure Of Lisa Kudrow’s Former Best Friends


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