Positivity produces payoffs.

Use the information on this website to produce your own positive payoffs.


“I can see how I drive my daughter crazy.”

D.V., Wausau, Wisconsin


“Now I know why my girlfriend left me.”

U.S. Soldier, Vilseck U.S. Army Base, Germany


“Now I know what I need to look for in a woman.”

Kendall Sanders, Bosier City, Louisiana


“Paula told me to say thank you to my crabby husband for any little thing he did to help me. The next time my husband got crabby, I waited until he did something I could say thank you for. By the second thank you he was a lot less crabby. By the third thank you he was happy again.”

B.R., Wausau, Wisconsin


“Paula enabled me to look at a relationship barrier that I was having with my father. It helped me to open my eyes as to how to interact with him more effectively.”

R.L., Stevens Point, Wisconsin


“I called to thank you. When you told me how to satisfy my husband’s behavior style needs, I didn’t believe you. I didn’t want to believe you. But I kept thinking about what you said. I eventually did everything you told me to do, and everything worked. I have a much better marriage now. I just wish I had done what you told me right after our first phone call. I could have had a better marriage five years ago.”

Chicago, Illinois


“Thanks so much for your suggestions about my coworker. I did what you said and we’re working together much better. We even have fun sometimes, and I used to dread seeing her.”

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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