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Spark personal and professional success the way Paula Kramer does. Paula has been researching DISC behavior styles and Spranger guiding values since 1998. Along the way, Paula learned that helping other people be more successful created more success for herself.  Some of the people Paula created success for are now actively creating success for her. Paula has also made a number of influential connections who will help her be even more successful in the future.

Paula Kramer uses the resources on this website for herself and you can use them, too. But sparking success isn’t enough when some people try to force failure on you. Therefore, read this blog and this page for more information on fighting failure.

Use the links below to be more successful personally and professionally.

Your Wonder Women Tiara
Your Wonder Women Tiara
(Men could use the same strategies for breaking glass ceilings in their own lives. The example for inviting loyalty and limiting backlash in this download is a male teacher. He was so good at inviting loyalty that he triumphed over an attempt to force failure on him.)

Your tiara is the mindset you need to fashion your own Wonder Women bracelets for breaking glass ceilings. William Moulton Marston created both Wonder Woman and the DISC theory of behavior styles. Use Marston’s wisdom to break whatever glass ceilings you face — male or female, young or old, black or white, etc.

Should I Stay? Should I Limit? Should I Go?
(Needs to be revised.)

DISC behavior styles have needs. Spranger guiding values have passions. Open doors in relationships with moments of dignity and moments of passion. Even when you can’t open doors, use moments of dignity and moments of passion with people who have closed or slammed doors to you. Bystanders who see you giving moments of dignity and moments of passion will feel safe opening doors to you.

Words With Wallop: The Easy Way To Change The World
(Available when finished.)

Change the world the easy way by speaking words that give positive identities. This includes reducing crime and easing terrorism, Paula Kramer was able to walk away from the lures of the Chicago mob because six people gave her positive identities over a period of two decades.

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This website is an example of other people helping Paula succeed.

Spark success for other people, and other people will spark success for you. Some of those successes will be successes you didn’t know were possible.


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