Addiction/Satisfying Needs & Passions

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects the brain. Satisfying behavior style needs and guiding value passions is just one part of ending drug and alcohol use. Having needs and passions satisfied may make the necessary steps towards ending addiction a little easier to follow.

If you have loved ones addicted to drugs or alcohol, make sure you read the People Success page. Your ability to create people success with addicts and/or alcoholics depends in part on the willingness of addicts and alcoholics to be open-minded to other people’s words and actions.

Paula does not promise people will end their addiction to drugs or alcohol by satisfying DISC behavior style needs and Spranger guiding value passions. Since many other factors (open-mindedness, physical health, mental ability, emotional support, financial resources, etc.) affect the outcome, substance addiction probably cannot end unless all or most of the factors are adequately addressed.


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